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Boost Ranking System

Boost Ranking System
By Daniel
March 26, 2024

We've rolled out our Boost system for all lists on Coinsniper. In the past, project rankings were purely based on votes, but we found that some projects were able to obtain massive amounts of votes to secure a higher ranking, resulting in an unfair advantage. From now projects will be ranked based on the amount of boosts first, followed by the amount of votes. With this new system, we've created a more transparent and fair method for all our community members and project owners.

How It Works

The Boost system is simple and easy to use. Anyone can purchase a package with Boosts directly on Coinsniper. The boosts can be used to increase the ranking of your favorite project in any list. The more boosts a project receives, the higher its ranking will be. This way, every project has an equal chance to reach the top and get noticed by our community.

Bigger Weekly Airdrop

We'll be using part of the money from the Boosts to add an extra bonus on top of our weekly airdrop giveaway that anyone can participate in. We think that's important to give back to our community and create even more opportunities for our members to benefit from our platform.

In conclusion

The new Boost system is now live, and we encourage all members of our community to start boosting their favorite projects today. We believe that this update will bring more transparency and fairness to our platform, and we're excited to see how it will help new and innovative projects get the attention they deserve. Together, we can create a more transparent and fair platform.

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