KYC Verification

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How does KYC Verification work on CoinSniper?

CoinSniper works together with many trusted partner companies that specialize in KYC certifications, like AssureDefi, Coinsult and more. If you already have a KYC certificate for your project, please Submit it here, and it will be added to your project.

Why should I care about KYC certificates?

KYC certificates show that the owner of a crypto project submitted their ID documents to a trusted provider, and that they completed additional identity checks. When a project turns out to be a scam, the KYC provider will aid investors in submitting police reports against the project owner. This adds trust for investors.

But please be careful: KYC certificates don't always guarantee safe investments. Always DYOR when investing.

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Tier 1 KYC: KYC+ powered by AssureDefi

CoinSniper KYC+ From $900

Upon successful completion, the project will be granted a universally recognized KYC from Assure DeFi and a KYC+ badge on CoinSniper. Assure DeFi is widely recognized as a pioneer and market leader in providing Web3 founder verification services.

  • Social Media Announcements
  • 3D custom compliance NFT
  • Promoted spot on CoinSniper
  • Exclusive Marketing Content
  • Assure Network Accelerator access

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Tier 2 KYC: KYC powered by Coinsult

by Coinsult From $350

Upon successful completion, the project will receive the KYC badge. We have partnered with Coinsult, a trustworthy and dependable entity, to ensure the seamless execution of the KYC verification.

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Tier 3 KYC: KYC by other providers

by ...

KYC certificates by other providers are also accepted on CoinSniper. If the project already has a KYC certificate, it can be submitted via the KYC Submit Form and it will show up on the homepage and listing page.