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ETH Contract Address: 0x1e987DF68CC13d271e621ec82E050A1BbD62c180

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Status listed
Votes for listing 500/500
All time votes 416259
Votes today: 3
WAGMI is the brilliant product of combining a Play-To-Earn game concept with a cultural acronym. “What started as a crypto internet meme, is now the official battle cry to save all mankind: WAGMI Defense, the first game of the envisioned franchise, features both versus and story mode, with full MMORPG on the roadmap. The year is 3022; Aliens have discovered the earth’s core contains NiFe, the essential element to the Alien’s survival. The Humans must defend earth, and as they claim victory, they proclaim “WAGMI,” and the gamer player earns tokens. "We're All Gonna Make It!”

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