Ether Terrestrial

ETH Contract Address: 0xb2fd3bd1f15f342ac3da17b5adc862834506972b
ETH Contract Address: 0xb2fd3bd1f15f342ac3da17b5adc862834506972b

Status: listed

Votes for listing: 500/500

Votes: 3412

Votes Today: 0

Network: ETH

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Status listed
Votes for listing 500/500
All time votes 3412
Votes today: 0
ET just launched Yesterday, we already have over 250 holders and growing! Ether Terrestrial is a coin unlike any other! We aim to reach milestones in the crypto space and send one lucky holder on a space trip! Already in development:
-Utility Functions
-Clothing Brand

We are giving away 20 pairs of ET X Vans shoes!

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Added November 20th 2021
Launch November 18th 2021