TRX Contract Address: 0xcf78c7dd70d6f30f6e3609e905e78305da98c863
TRX Contract Address: 0xcf78c7dd70d6f30f6e3609e905e78305da98c863

Status: new

Votes for listing: 1/500

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Network: TRX

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Status new
Votes for listing 1/500
All time votes 1
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Ownix aims to be a digital auction house and the most dynamic NFT platform in the world, using wide connections and the marketing to reach the biggest names in the industry which will soon to be announced. Ownix will announce a partnership with one of the biggest sport club in the world and their nfts will be showcased and sold on Ownix marketplace.

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Added October 27th 2021
Launch August 2nd 2021