Boa Hancock

ETH Contract Address: 0xa2988826876d2945d4e6414c8201102ea5f27962
ETH Contract Address: 0xa2988826876d2945d4e6414c8201102ea5f27962

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Status listed
Votes for listing 500/500
All time votes 1072
Votes today: 0
The Snake Princess, Boa Hancock, is considered to be the most beautiful woman in the world. She gave up her title of being a Warlord, and has turned against the World Government to help protect her one true love, Luffy.

Being both physically intimidating and attractive, it is best to stay on her good side. One gaze of her beauty will petrify any opponent she faces.

Help Boa Hancock show Luffy she’s worthy of his love, and the title Waifu to the rest of the world, by buying and holding $BOAINU

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Added October 12th 2021
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