Fomo FLokinomics

BSC Contract Address: 0x5656d6e61b88aef05d5355a4dd51bcf81829fc1d
BSC Contract Address: 0x5656d6e61b88aef05d5355a4dd51bcf81829fc1d

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Status new
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FOMO FLOKINOMICS differs by having an increasing peg price, an upcoming. Supply-elastic tokens work differently. As mentioned, the re-basing mechanism adjusts the token circulating supply periodically. Let’s say we have an elastic supply token that aims to achieve a value of 1 USD. If the price is above 1 USD, the re-base increases the current supply, reducing the value of each token. Conversely, if the price is below 1 U

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Added October 11th 2021
Launch October 12th 2021

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