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BSC Contract Address:

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Hi guys, welcome to DogeXLimited !

A very unique concept, a limited lifespan token. 🔥

For the first time on the BSC scene, a token will only be available for 100h after launch.

Why 100h? why limit the tokens lifespan? ⏰

The best part of every meme token is it's initial growth, the 20x, 50x or even 100x you get from launch. 📈

Simply put - the earlier you buy the more profits you get 💎

By limiting the lifespan of the token, we are able to focus all our marketing efforts on a short time-frame, resulting in a massive marketing boom that will send the price flying. Combined with a low initial market cap, further multiplying our results. While having enough time to fully utilize and capitalize on the marketing hype.
This is not a hit and run project however, we plan to use this strategy and release tokens that will moon harder every time.

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Added October 11th 2021
Launch October 20th 2021

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