Beyond Protocol

ETH Contract Address: 0xdF290B162a7D3E0A328cF198308D421954f08b94
ETH Contract Address: 0xdF290B162a7D3E0A328cF198308D421954f08b94

Status: listed

Votes for listing: 500/500

Votes: 199876

Votes Today: 1

Network: ETH

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Status listed
Votes for listing 500/500
All time votes 199876
Votes today: 1
Beyond Protocol is a "layer 0" blockchain protocol providing a decentralized security layer for the Internet of Things. Adding the protocol to IoT devices makes them probabilistically impossible to hack, allowing them to safely communicate and pay each other with crypto or fiat. The founding team includes Stanford engineers and current/former execs from IBM, Amazon, Cisco, and Qualcomm. Partners include Stripe, DoorDash, the EU, Beckett Media Group, and HP Inc.

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Added September 29th 2021
Launch October 4th 2021