ETH Contract Address: 0x785c34312dfa6b74f6f1829f79ade39042222168
ETH Contract Address: 0x785c34312dfa6b74f6f1829f79ade39042222168

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Network: ETH

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Status new
Votes for listing 1/500
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Bumper is a DeFi price protection protocol built on Ethereum, created by INDX and Block8, the company that designed and delivered Haven (which independently evolved into Synthetix). Bumper protects the price of crypto assets (ETH at launch) by providing a decentralised software facility for ‘Takers’ of protection to operate diametrically to ‘Makers’ of liquidity. Protected positions incur a floating daily premium, nominally 3% p.a, that is used to incentivise stablecoin depositors into a risk-free liquidity Reserve.

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Added September 27th 2021
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