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BTC Range Report
Predicts Bitcoin Price & Volatility, the leading machine learning blockchain company, has teamed up with CoinSniper to launch their unique BTC volatility prediction tool: BTC Range Report!

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Access the BTC Range Report Now for FREE

The BTC Range Report predicts BTC price & volatility

What is the GNY BTC Range Report?

The BTC Range Report generates a 7-day market forecast for daily volatility projections for BTC prices, as well as their projected volumes. While far from financial advice, this tool can help make more informed, and less emotional decisions about crypto trading.

The Range Report is available for purchase every tuesday, and includes a 7-day snapshot. GNY BTC Range Report is powered by GNY's proprietary machine learning engine, GNY Brain. The report can be downloaded for $10 with payment accepted in ETH, USDS, USDT and GNY tokens.

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The BTC Range Report predicts BTC price & volatility

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About GNY & Their Patent-Pending Machine Learning Technology

GNY started as an advanced machine learning platform for publishers and retailers. Recognizing the transformative potential of using blockchain to unlock new utilities in machine learning, the GNY team set out to develop the world's first decentralized machine learning platform.

GNY Machine Learning Track Record

Previously the GNY team demonstrated the predictive power of our technology by outperforming the US Dept of Energy and being the first to demonstrate pollution as a contributing factor to Covid-19 related illness. The GNY Range Report is the first predictive analytical tool the GNY team is bringing to the crypto community and based on community response, GNY anticipates growing the breadth of their on-chain analytics significantly over time.

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BTC Range Report

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